Sexually Transmitted Diseases

sexually transmitted diseases(STD) are those diseases which are been contracted through unprotected sexual intercourse. You can as well get this infections by sharing sharp objects.




causative organism     : Bacterium (Neisseria gonorrhea)

mode of transmission : Sexual intercourse

host                             : Man

major symptoms         : Inflamed urethra, burning sensation during urination, a thick yellowish                                                    discharge in the males and in the female, there may be pain in passing urine,                                           redness around the urinary opening, vagina discharge or swelling of the                                                 vulva,  it may cause blindness to babies during    pregnancy.



causative organism     : Bacterium( Treponema pallidum)

mode of transmission : Sexual intercourse

host                             : Man

major symptoms         : A small painless sore or chancre appear on the penis or vulva, a mild fever,                                             skin rashes, mouth ulcers, aching penis in the lymph node regions,                                                           it may lead to abortions, it attacks the brain and causes blindness, it can also                                           cause insanity and loss of control of movement.



causative organism     : Virus (Human Immuno Deficiency Virus(hiv) )

mode of transmission : Sexual intercourse,blood transfusion, injection needle

host                             : Infected person

major symptoms         : High fever, loss of weight, chronic diarrhea, skin rashes, wasting away of                                                  muscle, final death.



causative organism     : Bacterium

mode of transmission : Sexual intercourse

host                             : Man

major symptoms         : Itching around private parts, burning sensations around the waist in males,                                              there are itching around the private part in females, there is burning sensation                                        in waist and stomach, vagina discharge, irregular menstruation and inability to                                        get pregnant.



causative organism     : Protozoan

mode of transmission : sexual intercourse

host                             : Man

major symptoms         : Discharge from the vagina and penis, infertility, pain or discomfort during                                                urination or sex, itching around vagina and penis, pelvic inflammatory disease,                                        infection of the urethra, frequent urination.



causative organism     : Virus

mode of transmission : Unprotected sexual intercourse

host                             : Man

major symptoms         : Warts on the vagina and penis, mouth and throat, causes oral cancer, vulvar                                            cancer, cervical cancer, penile cancer, rectal cancer.

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