How To Take Body Temperature With Thermometer-globalpint


There are so many ways you can take the body temperature using the different types of thermometers. There are requirements that needs to be set out on a small tray, they are as follows:

  • Gallipot with cold water.
  • Gallipot with cotton wool swabs.
  • A rack containing individual thermometers, each in a mild antiseptic solution. For example: 1-10 glycothymoline if the patients do not have individual thermometers at their bedsides.
  • Receiver for soiled swabs
  • Temperature chart.




  • Take the tray to the bedside and explain the procedure to the patient.
  • Remove the thermometer from the test tube, rinse it in cold water and dry it with a wool swab.
  • Examine the thermometer to see that there are no cracks in the glass and that the mercury reading is below the 35 degree centigrade(95 degree F). If the mercury is above this level shake the thermometer with a sharp wrist movement , taking care to see that the tip does not come in contact with any article of furniture.
  • Place the thermometer in position and leave it there for one to four minutes. that is longer than the time stated on the¬† thermometer. The nurse must stay with the patient while the thermometer is in situ.
  • Remove the thermometer, read and write down the temperature immediately.
  • Wipe the thermometer with a wool swab, shake down the mercury and place the thermometer in its test tube.
  • Care must always be taken with some mentally unbalanced patients to see that they do not injure themselves with the thermometer or cause it to register a false temperature.
  • If there is any gross change in the temperature since the last time it was taken, it should be checked using another thermometer.



The electronic thermometer which records the body temperature in three seconds is known as DEPENDATHERM. It may be slung round the neck like a camera¬† or placed in a tray. The probe plug is inserted into the thermometer socket. The probe is then placed under the patient’s tongue and the patient is asked to close his or her lips over it. The button on the thermometer case is pressed down and the indicator records the temperature in three seconds, this can be clearly read on the dial which can be graded in centigrade or Fahrenheit scales. The probe can be cleaned with an antiseptic solution before and after use.