How To Kick Start Your Business Online Registering A Domain Name.

YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE .I will be showing you the necessary action steps you need to take to kick start your business online with a domain name.

Step 1: Name Your Business

Even though it sounds simple,the name of your business is extremely important.If you miss it in this area it might cost you the loss of opportunities to make money on the long run.

Think about how your business’s name will translate into a domain name for your website.It is crucial to keep it simple so people can type it into their address bar.If possible avoid complicated spellings.

Good Example: facebook is a great domain name.Not only does it provide a bit of a description of the actual site but it is extremely simple to say and spell.It’s great if you can put two common words together like “face” and “book”.

Step 2: Make Sure It’s Available

Head to to check availability and to purchase a domain name. Godaddy are the largest domain registrar in the world and have great US based customer service.

Step 3: Get Your Logo

If you want to look legitimate,you will need to represent your company with a logo.The trick is branding your company in a cost effective manner. can assist you with branding.In 99designs,you determine how much you want to spend on a logo and designs.The higher you set your price,generally the more design submissions you will see.

Step 4: Order Your Business Cards

You can customize them in just about any way for a small price and design.You can also add simple creative touches to make you card send out from the pack.


Developing Your Website

A website can look like a daunting task to someone new to the online world.Developing a strong website should not cost a fortune.

Step1: Claim Your Web Address

If you haven’t done this yet,what are you waiting for?It’s the easiest thing you can possibly do to get your business started,so go to and register your domain name before someone else does.

Step2: Get Your Website Hosted

Once you have your domain name,you will need to host your site on the web.Choosing a host is very important.You want one that is reliable so your website doesn’t go down and you want your site to load quickly.

We recommend starting with a basic package on Hostgator.The basic package starts as low at $4.95/month.We also suggest purchasing hosting for extended periods of time because it saves you money.

Another popular host is where packages starts at $6.95/month is also another popular host where packages starts at $6.95/month

Step3: Put Your Domain Name On Your Host

  1. Inside godaddy,click “Domains”
  2. Find the tab “my Domain”
  3. Select your domain from the list,then click “Nameservers”
  4. Hostgator must have mailed you a custom nameserver that you can enter here.It should read and

Step4: Istall WordPress

I order to upload wordpress onto your host,you can use hostgator’s “fantastico” which will install wordpress in five minutes.

go to and click “wordpress” and then “new installation”

fill out the required fields and wordpress should install automatically.

you are good to go