How To Convert Your Bitcoin To Naira In Nigeria

How To Convert Your Bitcoin To Naira In Nigeria

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     There are basic things you need before you can convert your cryptocurrency(bitcoin,ethereum etc) to naira

1)local bank account: you need to have a functioning local bank account or you open a fresh account with any of the banks e.g union bank,first bank,Gt bank,fidelity bank etc.

2)A local crypto exchanger: Yes this is the most important part of this because so many people here will tell you that they are cryptocurrency exchange companies or individual and at the end of the day, they turn to be scammers.

       There might be other legit cryptocurrency exchange companies here in Nigeria that you can buy bitcoin or ethereum from and that can also fund your local bank account.The only one which we have tested and trusted over the years is you can register online with them for funding of local bank account and buying of bitcoin or you can visit their office at:

 Omnifortuna Ltd,


Molit Plaza (Formerly Molit Hotel),

45, Okporo Road, Off Artillery,

Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

        If you are buying bitcoin at their office,you will be directed on the next thing to do;that is:

sending them mail on what cryptocurrency you are buying and how much you paid including your wallet address of the cryptocurrency you are buying then after you will receive the crypto in your wallet address that you provided in the mail that you sent to them.

       But if you want to sell your bitcoin or ethereum,all you need to do is to contact them by sending them a mail that you have some bitcoin to sell.You can get their e-mail address on their website or if you are a registered member in their website,you can also contact them through your account.

After that they will reply you by sending you their bitcoin wallet address where you will transfer the bitcoin to;then after sending the bitcoin to the address,you will send them a transfer confirmation mail,how much bitcoin you sent and your local bank name,bank account number,bank account name.then you are good to go