Hepatitis B-Causes,Prevention,Symptoms,Treatment

hepatitis B

Hepatitis B-Causes,Prevention,Symptoms,Treatment.

Hepatitis B is more chronic and severe than hepatitis A. This infection causes liver disease, and it is usually spread when blood from an infected person gets into the body of another person.

This liver infection is caused by a virus known as Hepatitis B virus (HBV). In hospital, this may be by transfusion of blood not properly tested.



  • By sharing injection needles or syringes with an infected person.
  • Occasionally having unprotected sex, particularly if there is some injury or ulcer on the genitals. It can easily be transmitted.
  • Pregnant women who are infected with the infection can transmit the infection to their babies when giving birth.

NOTE : This infection can not be contracted from kissing (through saliva) as long as there are no sores in the mouths of the two people involved. If one has sore and the other does not have, it can not be transmitted.

Also the disease is not an airborne disease.

The disease is generally called ‘serum hepatitis‘ and is common where there is drug abuse and much prostitution.



  • The symptoms are similar to those of hepatitis A, but come on more slowly.
  • This often come three months or more after exposure.
  • The jaundice may be followed by long-term liver damage and even death.

Take the person to the hospital if this disease is suspected because it is dangerous to delay.



  • Make sure that you protect yourself with condom whenever you are having sexual intercourse.
  • You can prevent yourself from getting infected by this disease by taking hepatitis B vaccine.

NOTE : This infection can be found in the vaginal fluid, sperm and also blood. But cannot be transmitted through breastfeeding.



There is no cure for hepatitis B presently, the only thing which you can do is to prevent yourself from contracting the infection by taking the vaccine.