Eobot-Earn Daily With Eobot Minning Site.

eobot Cloud mining is a solution doing mining Bitcoin (Mining Bitcoin is a process of creation of the Bitcoin.) by way of her buying online usually in the units of the GHS. By purchasing the GHS will get you a payout form of Bitcoin each day. We also know that GHS all is expensive

1. Getting Started With Eobot

First of all, you need an Eobotaccount. You can register here.

When you click the link, you’ll see a webpage like below

Enter your info, complete the captcha the hit the signup button.

After register successful, you’ll be redirect to Eobot] dashboard, look like the picture.

photo credit: coins.newbium

2. Let’s Mine

At the very first start you have no coin balance and 0 GHS, like this:

photo credit: coins.newbium

Now, it’s the time to get some GHS for free with Eobot faucet. Click on the option box right above the Bitcoin logo.

photo credit: coins.newbium

Choose GHS 4.0. Then hover the mouse on Product section and click on Faucet.

photo credit: coins.newbium

Wait a bit for redirect to faucet.  After a few seconds you’ll see the faucet.

photo credit: coins.newbium

Solve the captcha and click Get Faucet Reward

After get reward, you will have a few GHS, change back mining to DOGECOIN. Now your DOGECOIN is raising, but very slow because you only have a few GHS.

3. Get more GHS

You can exchange cryptocurreny for GHS. So, I’ll show you some way to earn coin and then exchange for GHS.

* Use your own coin that Eobot generated.

Eobot have exchange option for you to convert your coin to GHS, to do so, click on Exchange

photo credit: coins.newbium

Choose the coin you want to exchange on the left and choose the one you want to get on the right, enter the amount you want then click Buy.

* Use free faucet. Those faucet is graduated and no timer. Claim as many times as you want

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[Coinpot.win] Require [FaucetHub.io] account to withdrawal.

[FaucetHub.io] Top micro wallet, a lots of faucet.

** Thoose faucet have timer but have big reward if you are lucky.



*** Thoose faucet require an [Coinpot.co](http://coinpot.co) account





**_Note: you should use Eobot deposit wallet to create  [FaucetHub.io] account, click deposit and generate wallet of the coin you want to get Eobot deposit wallet_**

**_Happy Mining_**

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