Development Of Technology And It Effects In Our Daily Life

How has development of technology positively affected our wellness

Development of technology depends on the people who love creative change and the use of wisdom with the right attitude as their general way of life .People with inquiring and creative minds and good attitude to seek what is good for everybody will always use technology and the right attitude to overcome limitations of their environment.


  1. Japan
  2. Germany
  3. u.s.a (united states of america)
  4. U.k (united kingdom)
  5. China

These countries are known for their industrial production.


How has development of technology positively affected our wellness.

Some of the examples of the low level technology that are advancing are:

  1. Telephones
  2. X-ray
  3. Surgery
  4. Medicine
  5. Computer
  6. Telecommunication
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The technology of global system of mobile telecommunication(GSM) is the technology of radio waves,which has a long history of development.

The technology of rockets and satellites technologies have made the world to be a global village.In agriculture,technology has led to the development of crops with high yield.



It is the level of technology that separates countries into classes of developed or undeveloped countries.The function of technology is to keep extending the limits of human possibilities in making the earth a better place for human life.

  1. When technology is used in fighting war,it is ultimately meant to create lasting peace.
  2. Travelling around the world has been made easy and comfortably by airplanes.
  3. Irrigation technology has made all seasonsĀ  farming in the tropics possible.
  4. Genetic technology has made it possible to have genetically improved crops.
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Modern living cannot exist without technology.It is impossible to imagine any civilisation without technology,now we have seen already that is technology that now provides food,shelter,clothing,water,healthcare,education,entertainment,transportation.Enlightened human societies live on their technology.



Technology is raising the standards of living for all.It is changing paper civilization to paperless civilization.Soonest businesses would be done without paperwork;offices would operate without paper.Electronic modes of life: e-government,e-commerce,e-learning,e-medicine.To live successfully in this age of technology,one must be skilled in the use of common technological devices.Technological literacy has become compulsory for all which means that one must have basic understanding of technology and skills.



Technological literacy implies the ability for one to understand and use basic technology for everyday living.If everyone can carry out basic technological duties like house painting,minor electrical installation practice(house wiring,changing bulbs),appliances maintenance,minor repair of furniture,minor carpentry work etc. This level of skill acquisition in technology enables everyone(boy or girl,man or woman)to be generally versatile.



Some people choose technological studies for their life career as engineers,builders,architects,physicians,managers,quantity surveyors etc.Some people may also choose to be at the craft or technician level of their technological professions,such people may have technician certificates or diplomas in field such as catering,fashion designing,welding,plumbing,and carpentry.