Conjunctivitis in the sub-sahara Africa is popularly known as apollo or pink eyes is an irritation in the eyes that leads to swelling of the conjunctiva and also lead to the covering of the white part of the eyes.


Conjunctivitis is contagious; that is to say that an infected person can transfer it to another person. Conjunctivitis can destroy your vision if you don’t treat it immediately and it is easily contacted by children and young adults.




  • Too much Chlorine in the pool
  • Smoke and dust
  • Bacteria (gonorrhea or chlamydia)
  • Fungi
  • parasites
  • virus
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea)



  • White liquid discharge from the eyes
  • The white part of the eye turns red
  • Having blurred vision
  • You will become very sensitive to light rays
  • you will experience Itchy eyes.



  • Allergic types
  • Ophthalmia neonatorum (This always affect newborn babies)
  • Bacterial strains
  • papillary



  • Make sure you wash your hand daily
  • Make sure you use tissue on the infected eye, do not rub with your hands
  • Make sure you always wash your eyes with clean water after eye discharge
  • Always wear eye glasses to protect your eyes from pollen
  • Do not share eye makeup



Treatment of conjunctivitis solely depends on the symptoms because different types of conjunctivitis comes with different symptoms which will enable you to know the actual medication you will use on it.

  • Use eye drops 3 to 4 times a day for conjunctivitis caused by bacteria
  • When a substance irritates your eyes,make sure you wash your eyes with clean water
  • Viral conjunctivitis clears on its own which lasts from 4 to 7 days
  • Make sure you stop wearing eye contact lense until you start feeling better
  • Make sure you throw away disposable lenses.
  • In order to ease the pain,soak a face towel inside warm water and apply it on your eyes for some time.


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