Chicago Weather-Location,Size,Temperature

Chicago Weather-Location,Size,Temperature

chicago weather

Chicago is found in the northern part of illinois in the United States Of America. In chicago you can find different races that are residing there. For example the percentage of White people residing in chicago is about 49.1 percent, then coming to the Black and african american the percentage is about 30.51 percent, Native american is about 0.28 percent, Asia is having 6.22 percent, Native Hawaii or pacific islander is 0.03 percent, Double or more races is 2.63 percent while other race is 11.19 percent.

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This result shows that white race dominates chicago followed by the black and African American. The longitude and latitude of chicago is 41 degree 52′ 54.59 52 degrees north and 87 degrees 37′ 23.43 72 degrees west.

Chicago is the most populous city in the state of illinois and has a population of about 2,705,994 people living there.This figure was the 2018 figure.

Chicago is known as the third largest city in the United States Of America.



Chicago is known as the largest city of illinois.Illinois is a state and chicago is a city found there.Chicago has a total land area of about 589.56 kilometer square.



The location and physical features found in and around chicago affects the temperature of the city.In the inland surburbs of chicago,the temperature do not always go down to -15 degrees F that is -26 degrees C. Chicago has an annual rainfall which is evenly distributed. There are about four seasons that is been experienced in chicago which are:

  1. The humid summer
  2. The wet
  3. The hot
  4. The cool spring

In the inland of chicago,the temperature do not always go above 95 degrees F that is 35 degrees C because of its closeness to a lake called the lake michigan. In chicago,the months which are the driest are january and february then for the wettest season are may and june.

NOTE : In the inland surburb,the temperature is relatively cold while in the inland,the temperature is rarely hot.

Chicago has GNIS featured ID 0428803, AREA CODE 312/872 AND 773/872, 224/708,TIME ZONE -06:009(CENTRAL), FIPS CODE 17-14000,THEN ZIP CODE PREFIXES 606_ _, 607_ _,608_ _


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