Bitcoin Power and the Uncensorable Cloud – A New Ode to Crypto Predicts the Return of Retail Investors in 2019

In an epic ode to crypto predicts, Ben from Los Angeles penned a glittering summation of the state of the market in verse, with plenty of wordplay and analysis of market psychology, the behavior of traders, the future of adoption and the strength of Bitcoin.

He made the submission to Laura Shin for her weekly podcast Unchained which covers trends, insights and interviews on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Published on New Year’s Day 2019, Ben delivers a telling narrative.

Bitcoin Power and the Uncensorable Cloud

Ben from Los Angeles, I am
A devout fan of the great Laura Shin

Amid the hype of Wall Street shills
And the FUDing officials of Capitol Hill
You’ve kept your listeners abundantly thrilled

Pedaling through toxic, masculine ego sludge
You help educate us all to be our own judge

Of all the characters and clowns
Whose pissing contests make the charts go up and down
Your sober and unwavering commitment to the tech
Provides a calm and meditative effect

It’s like a yoga class for my ears
Hearing you describe the sprockets and gears

Decoding the elaborate mysteries of the crypto space
Enlightening us to every legitimate use case

Never too timid to stick it to the Man
Always open-minded to the crypto-anarchist revolution

Critiques rooted in deep financial wisdom
Embodying the truth and fairness of the Divine Feminine

I’m code illiterate and only a wannabee geek
But your podcasts are still the highlights of my week

Hashtag #notinvestmentadvice
But I tell friends and acquaintances alike
If you want the best scoop on What’s What and Who’s Who
Invest your time getting schooled

With Unconfirmed and Unchained
I promise you won’t be fooled

As for what I expect in 2019
I’ll bet a lot of bad actors will be forced to come clean

Weak hands and bleak scams will be shaken out
In bankruptcy courts, many a startup CEO will pout

Side chains, state channels and lightning networks will flow
Security tokens, in-game assets and virtual worlds will grow

Heroic dark web warriors will dissolve digital borders
Privacy coins will protect journalists and dissidents
From the tyranny of corporate, fascist iron fists

Retail investors will once again stampede
Frenzied by the fear of missing out and greed

Institutional money will buy bigger slices of the pie
A new one percent will bribe regulators to comply

Maximalists will bet on which chains might fall
Traders will get wrecked in short squeezes and margin calls

Math-archist uprisings will bring corrupt nation states to their knees
Rioting protestors will post QR codes, selfies

If you ask me what really matters most
Is honoring what may be our dear beloved Sathoshi’s ghost

I’ll keep fighting to make her proud
By sending peer-to-peer transactions through the uncensorable cloud

Using electronic cash that will always be trustworthy and sound

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